Di Wu

Di Wu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering
Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2013
Areas of Interest: Trading, Investment Banking, Consulting, Risk Management

Di Wu received his bachelor of commerce (High Distinction) in Finance and Economics from Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. With his top academic performance, Di was nominated on the Dean’s list three times and received various honors. He gained invaluable experience in managing a virtual $1M portfolio for 3 months and empirical trading practices in futures and options.

While interning at Fortune CLSA, Di assisted in an IPO application. He conducted financial due diligence investigations, assisted in book building and road shows. However most importantly, he learned the working environment of investment banking industry. During his internship at GF Securities and Bank of China, Di significantly improved his teamwork ability and communication skills. The research assistant position at Rotman trained Di to be detail-oriented.

Upon graduation, Di would like to utilize his various skills, enthusiasm, and positive personality to pursue a career in the finance industry.

Di likes to define himself using his favorite line in the movie “Pursuit of Happiness”, where the stockbroker told Will Smith how to succeed in the finance industry, “You have to be good with numbers and good with people.”