Di Wu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration:Financial Engineering
Area(s) of Interest: IBD, Risk Management, Analysis
Expected Graduation Date:
December 2011

I am Di Wu, coming to pursue a further understanding and get myself involved in a well developed professional financial world here.

Besides enriching myself with academic knowledge during my undergraduate period, I have taken some practical work, which has taught me a lot. I have learnt that details work, because even a tiny difference makes a credit useless. After collecting and collating data for theses, I also found dealing with data is much more than just analyzing. Furthermore, I have practiced my patience and concentration when spending consecutive hours understanding terms or working with numbers. What’s more, I came to understand the significance of teamwork and the only way to achieve success is effective communication and cooperation.

I have decided to devote my life into this field not only for the reason that I am very interested in risky investment and various kinds of derivatives, but also because cooperating and competing with the cleverest people and the most advanced technology will keep me excited.

My trip for dream has just begun. And I believe both the passions for dream and willingness to fight belong to me. I will definitely prove it with my performance.