Carolyn Kiriakos

Carolyn Kiriakos

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Applied Operations Research


M.Eng. Concentration: Applied OR
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2017
Areas of Interest: Urban Planning, Supply Chain Analytics

Carolyn Kiriakos received two bachelor’s degrees from Stony Brook University, having graduated as a double major in applied mathematics and statistics and economics. During her undergraduate years, she studied a variety of both deterministic and stochastic optimization techniques, and applied these to problems in production control, resource distribution, and efficient policy formation.

Due to her strong analytical skills, Carolyn was selected as the top candidate for a 2015 National Science Foundation summer research position in the field of scalable data analytics. She presented her findings at Stony Brook University’s Summer 2015 Research Symposium.

Through her dedication to her collegiate work, Carolyn became one of nine valedictorians in her undergraduate class of 2016, and has since earned a fellowship through Cornell’s School of Operations Research and Information Engineering and been chosen as a Lester B. Knight Scholarship recipient. She hopes to continue her history of academic success at Cornell before moving on to a career which allows her to bring about a better quality of life for others through the more efficient allocation of resources.