Anavi Nahar

Anavi Nahar

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Applied OR


MEng Concentration: Data Analytics
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2016
Areas of Interest: Consulting, Data Analysis

In May 2015, Anavi received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Applied Statistics along with a minor in Economics from Purdue University, West Lafayette.

As part of her internship with the Nielsen Company in the summer of 2014, Anavi enjoyed analyzing real data to create insights that were valuable to clients. In particular, she devised a ratio to identify key times of day and demographics of the targeted audience, which enabled clients to gain maximum benefit from advertisings. She developed the skill to use similar insights and data visualization techniques in a way that would add value to clients.

Over the course of two years as part of the Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) program at Purdue University she worked on a project to improve student’s ability to understand and retain mathematics concepts through the use of an interactive game. She took on various roles through the course of the project. Starting as the webmaster for the team, she maintained the team’s website. She then became the project partner liaison, effectively communicating progress, goals, and issues to the client. She then took on the role of team leader. After which, she went on to deliver the project successfully to her client as project leader.

Anavi appreciates the challenge that comes with working on solving real world problems and hopes to do this as part of her career in the future. In her free time, Anavi enjoying watching TED talks, knitting, and reading.