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The ORIE mentorship / industry contact program is open only to graduate students in ORIE at this time. All students, however, may use Handshake to locate alumni mentor contacts from all undergraduate fields.

Use the following form to locate alumni and other contacts in specific companies, states, industries or functional areas. To increase the chances of getting a useful response to your query, select only one of the attributes.

Terms of Use:

  1. This resource is intended to enable ORIE students to make contact with alumni in their field of interest for career advice and to facilitate professional networking. This is NOT a replacement for Cornell Career Services and should NOT be used to solicit jobs from alumni.
  2. At this time, this resource is available only to Cornell ORIE graduate students.
  3. If you find the profile of an alum you wish to contact for career advice, write down the individual's "Search Key" (it will consist of a date and time), and arrange to see either Dr. Kathryn Caggiano or Dr. Victoria Averbukh during their office hours.
  4. Names and contact information will be given to you IN PERSON only, and solely at the discretion of Dr. Caggiano and Dr. Averbukh.


Find a Mentor