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Sid Resnick's final "official" lecture

Touchdown the Bear helps celebrate Professor Sid Resnick's final lecture at Cornell.

Cornell Announces Financial Engineering Intern Program

Cornell's Masters of Financial Engineering program is launching a new summer internship with financial services firms in New York City. The goal is to provide graduate students with real Wall Street experience in the middle of their studies, while offering financial services firms a way to tap into ...

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Cornell, Weill Cornell and Lockheed Martin partner to create plan to manage mass casualties in disasters

Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) are partnering with Lockheed Martin to develop a computerized system to help hospitals nationwide plan for and deal with mass casualties from disasters such as hurricanes, a flu pandemic and bioterrorism. The system will aid in readiness planning, simulate a disaster situation for testing purposes and act as a decision support system in a real disaster.

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