2019 Cornell Quant Finance Forum: Annual Event is Another Success!

By: Roselle Bajet

On Tuesday, November 12, the annual Cornell Quant Finance Forum had a fantastic conversation on the future of ESG and impact investing

The event, which featured a panel and a reception, sparked a lively discussion about ESG's impact on the financial community. Speakers included the following:

Hendrik Bartel
CEO and Co-Founder of TruValue Labs

Audrey Choi
Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at Morgan Stanley

Ross Garon
Managing Director at Point72 Asset Management, L.P., and President of Cubist Systematic Strategies, LLC

Kathleen Houssels
Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at AXA Investment Managers Rosenberg Equities

Lukasz Pomorski
Managing Director and Head of ESG Research at AQR Capital Management

Linda H. Zhang, Ph.D
CEO and Founder of Purview Investments


All speakers shared their broad views on socially responsible investing and provided their experienced views on the future of this fast-growing field. Great thanks to everyone who participated!

Panelists on stage                  

Quant Finance Forum Audience

CFEM Director Victoria Averbukh Introduces Panelists

Quant Finance Forum Reception

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