Lee Maschler ‘97

Organization: Castle Financial
Position: Owner

Lee MaschlerLee Maschler is Trillium’s founder and owner. Over his 18 years in the electronic trading industry, Lee has also founded or co-founded:

  • Lion Cave Capital, a proprietary trading firm staffed by a world-class team of computer scientists;
  • Castle Financial Management, a multi-family office specializing in Portfolio Management, Estate Planning, Tax Optimization and Alternative Investments;
  • Castle Strategic Trading, a quantitative fund co-managed by a Ph.D. in finance; and
  • Hubb Solutions, a retail direct market access broker dealer catering to high frequency intra-day quantitative hedge funds, which was later merged into Lightspeed Financial, on whose board Lee now sits.

Lee graduated from Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Math in 1997, and is currently a visiting lecturer for the Cornell Financial Engineering in Manhattan master’s program. In 2012 Lee and his wife Marjorie launched the Lee and Marjorie Maschler Charitable Fund, which supports education, arts and sciences. Lee resides in Princeton, N.J. with his wife and three children.