Alexander Fleiss

Alexander Fleiss is the current CEO, chairman, and co-founder of Rebellion Research, a hedge fund, robo advisor & educational think tank. Rebellion Research is one of the first purely Machine Learning-focused hedge funds on Wall Street.

In 2006, Fleiss was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek for his development of AI algorithms and was on the covers of The Wall Street Journal and The Mathematical Association of America in July 2010 for his work with machine learning correctly predicting the Greek debt crisis. In 2011, Mr. Fleiss was profiled in Institutional Investor for his machine learning's correct call of a market rebound.

Fleiss is also the Editor-in-Chief of Rebellion's daily research publication, which has over 3 million annual readers where he has authored and edited over 5,000 articles. In addition, Mr. Fleiss has over 20 publications on SSRN, 3 articles in the Journal of Financial Data Science, and 1 in the United States Air Force Journal. He also had a paper published in the International Journal of Cryptocurrency Research.

In addition, Mr. Fleiss interviewed several prominent figures, such as Lawyer and Professor Alan Dershowitz; Home Depot CEO Ken Langone; seven NASA astronauts: Scott Kelly, Ron Garan, Mike Mullane, Rhea Seddon, JD Wetherbee, Tom Jones, and Nicole Stott; Inventor of Alexa Voice Assistant Jeff Adams: Tech Entrepreneur Divya Narendra; Investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss; AI Godfather, Deep Learning Godfather, Facebook Chief Scientist & Courant Math Professor, Dr. Yann Lecun; General George S. Patton's Grandson; Nobel Prize Winners Frank Wilczek & Paul Roehmer; and CIA Director General Petraeus.

Mr. Fleiss holds a BA from Amherst College.

Alexander Fleiss