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 adventures Adventures in Stochastic Processes
Sidney I. Resnick
transformation  Transformation and Weighting in Regression
R.J. Carroll & D. Ruppert
 foundations Foundations of Queueing Theory
N. U. Prabhu
 analysis Analysis and Algorithms for Service Parts Supply Chains
John A. Muckstadt
 traveling The Traveling Salesman Problem
E.L. Lawler, J.K. Lenstra,
A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan,
and D.B. Shmoys
 stable Stable Non-Gaussian Random Processes
G. Samorodnitsky & M.S. Taqqu
 statistics Statistics and Finance
David Ruppert
 heavytail Heavy-Tail Phenomena: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling
Sidney Resnick
 computation The Computation of Fixed Points and Applications
Michael J. Todd
 mathematical A Mathematical View of Interior-Point Methods in Convex Optimization
James Renegar
 measurement Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models
R.J. Carroll, D. Ruppert & L.A. Stefanski
 stochastic Stochastic Storage Processes
N. U. Prabhu
 queues Queues and Inventories
N. U. Prabhu
 levy Levy Processes Theory and Applications
O.E. Barndorff-Nielsen, T. Mikosch, S.I. Resnick, Editors
 probability A Probability Path
Sidney I. Resnick
 stochasticprocesses Stochastic Processes
N. U. Prabhu
 convex Convex Analysis and Nonlinear Optimization
J. M. Borwein & Adrian Lewis
 group Group Sequential Methods with Applications to Clinical Trials
Christopher Jennison and Bruce W. Turnbull
 principles Principles of Inventory Management
John A. Muckstadt and Amar Sapra