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CFEM Who is Who

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CFEM has a long history of collaborating with highly successful financial professionals in order to deliver the most relevant and applicable real-life experience to our students. Here you will find a list of CFEM practitioners and faculty who taught during the 2016 - 2017 academic year.


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Victoria Averbukh
Bond Mathematics and Mortgage-Backed Securities

Irene Aldridge1

Irene Aldridge 
Market Microstructure: The Hottest Issues Today

Andrew Chin Snapshot

Andrew Chin
Asset Management Seminar


 Daniel Freund
 Big Data Technologies (FDS@CFEM)


 Tarun Gupta
 Financial Data Practicum (FDS@CFEM)

Arseniy Head Shot

Arseniy Kukanov
Financial Data Practicum (FDS@CFEM)

Marcos Lopez de Prado Snapshot

Marcos Lopez de Prado
Financial Data Practicum (FDS@CFEM)


Giuseppe Paleologo 
Equity Risk Management

Val Prasad2
Quantitative Portfolio Management: From Model to Market
 sfs33 snap

Sasha Stoikov
Quantitative Trading Strategies

Ed Tom Snapshot

Edward Tom
Equity Derivatives: Trading and Arbitraging the Volatility Surface 

 nt88 snap

Huseyin Topaloglu
Machine Learning for Finance (FDS@CFEM)