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Information for Recruiters

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A Letter to Employers

The Cornell Master’s Degree program in Financial Engineering offers a competitive combination of theoretical and practical education that differentiates us from other financial engineering programs. Our students develop their quantitative skills over two semesters on the Ithaca campus, face-to-face with top faculty in the field. After a summer internship, students spend their third semester building on their theoretical knowledge base by immersing themselves into the Wall Street environment at Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM), located at 55 Broad Street in New York City. Through this innovation in our curriculum, we bring 19 years of Cornell’s academic excellence in Financial Engineering closer to Wall Street. To ensure that our students take full advantage of being in New York City during Fall 2008, we incorporated career-development services, including a practitioner-taught curriculum, into our program.

We are reaching out to you through this letter to inform you of the new component to our curriculum and about this talent pool, which is available for full-time positions in January 2009. We also want to help you identify and recruit our students for your employment opportunities.

Career Development Counseling at CFEM

We are working closely with Cornell’s Career Services in Ithaca to ensure continuity in the career services our students receive during their studies in New York City. Because students are here in New York, you will be able to interview them in your office—at your convenience—rather than on the specific date your recruiters visit the Ithaca campus. To facilitate your review of these candidates’ credentials, we are working with Cornell Career Services to offer you the following services:

  • We invite you to set up a resume collection through the recruiting software that you already use for your on-campus recruiting, Cornell CareerNet. You may use the same job description(s) that you post for on-campus recruiting, or target additional positions that require the unique skill sets of CFEM students.
  • You can request free access to an electronic Resume Book within Cornell CareerNet containing resumes of CFEM students who are available for hire.
  • To pursue either of these options, please contact

    Ami Stuart on the Ithaca campus at (607) 255-1069,

  • Additionally, CFEM is committed to dedicating a significant portion of its efforts to career-development activities, such as information sessions, workshops, and seminars conducted by Wall Street and industry professionals. These events, to be held in New York City, may focus on recruiting our students to resolve your staffing needs. Please let me know if you or any of your colleagues would be interested in sponsoring or participating in any of these activities.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that your business benefits from the strong academic talent we offer through CFEM.