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Professional Development

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Dr. Victoria Averbukh, Director of Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Associate Director of Career Development

Roselle Bajet, Administrative Assistant & Events Coordinator

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"CFEM's goal is to turn our FE students into professionals before they leave the classroom".

The program leadership believes that it is not enough to assist students with finding their first job. We strive to give our students the skills necessary to build successful and fulfilling careers that last a lifetime.

To recruit our students and/or to participate in our Professional Development events, please contact Dr. Victoria Averbukh, CFEM Director, at or Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, CFEM Manager of Career Development, at

Professional Development Programs Offered to Cornell's Financial Engineering Students

With the establishment of Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM), ORIE's Financial Engineering program expanded its Professional Development programs to better prepare our students for careers in finance. CFEM offers several programs that get our students ready for successful internships and full time jobs. We work closely with a wide network of hiring managers and professional recruiters to provide our students with multiple career opportunities and to help them satisfy their ideal career goals.

Summer Internship and Full-Time Placement Assistance

Our Placement Stats are something to be proud of!

CFEM complements the College of Engineering Career Services to assist students in our MEng with Financial Engineering concentration in their summer internship and full-time recruiting. We maintain connections with corporate sponsors and individuals working in finance to provide students with many interviewing and employment opportunities.

Career Development Workshops and Mock Interviews

Career Development Workshops and Mock Interviews CFEM works hard to ensure that our students' strong theoretical and computational abilities are complemented by the interpersonal, networking, and communication skills necessary for successful careers. Individual counseling, group workshops, and mock interviews are offered throughout the year to help students become confident in presenting themselves in professional settings. 


FE Career Workshops and Boot Camps


FE Career Workshops and Boot Camps

 Even before our students begin their studies at Cornell, they are introduced to the many different aspects of the job application process.  In June, we hold an online session to prepare our students for the Fall and explain the recruiting cycle. In August, first-year students come to CFEM and are immersed in a day of activities and informational sessions that deepen their understanding of various career paths, as well as offer skill assessments and introduce tools needed for successful interviews.  From the very beginning of their Cornell career, students are trained on the importance of developing professional networks, tailoring a resume, and strategically crafting cover letters. In September, the students are then brought back to NYC to visit a major bank and attend various informational sessions with industry professionals and recruiters.  CFEM proudly provides these opportunities for the students to put their professional development skills to practice


Please watch this video for a quick overview of FE Career Bootcamps. 


Meet and Greet Wall Street

Wall Street Panel 2017This annual event takes place during the Fall Break when our Financial Engineering students gather at CFEM to mix and mingle with Wall Street-ERs and learn about careers in finance. Our first-year students are sent to New York City for a busy day of workshops and informational sessions with alumni and recruiters.  In effect, the students are able to put the skills they have developed to good use and connect with many different industry professionals!


Individualized Career Development Assistance

CFEM offers a dedicated Manager of Career Development to personally assist the students in jumpstarting their career and assisting them with their professional goals. By holding one-on-one office hours, the CFEM Manager of Career Development has a constant “pulse check” of each student's professional development. Whether it is offering individualized mock interview prep, resume critique, or cover letter improvements, the Manager of Career Development works individually with the student to assess his or her recruiting progress.  This individualized attention helps set our students apart from the rest of the applicant pool and gives them a true competitive advantage when applying for financial jobs.  Whether the student has five years of prior work experience or has come directly from their undergraduate institution, the Manager of Career Development will work with the students every step of the way throughout the job application process.