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Operations Research is extremely dynamic and interdisciplinary in nature. The research interests of the faculty reflect the close ties between the Operations Research field, our School, and other departments and colleges across the University.

The Cornell Statistics Group involves several faculty members from the School of Operations Research and also from other Colleges and resources across Cornell. The School also has strong ties to the Center for Applied Mathematics with its focus in theoretical and applied mathematics, computer science, mathematics, operations research, and statistics. Eleven members of our faculty are affiliated with the Center.

The Probability Group at Cornell brings together a group of core faculty from across the University including five members of the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering. Another unique aspect of Cornell is the “field system” through which faculty members have field membership within one or more departments across the University reinforcing OR expertise and interdisciplinary research.

Learn more about OR’s many related fields, our faculty, and how Cornell plays a prominent research role in furthering the interdisciplinary nature of Operations Research.