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Doctor of Philosophy

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Ph.D. Program in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering

We are one of the world’s preeminent Schools of Operations Research and Information Engineering — highly respected for the research and academic investigation conducted here and the role our work plays in influencing and seeding ideas in the academic community to reach new understanding. A leader in advancing and influencing the decision and management sciences, the School provides an unparalleled educational and research environment. The School’s core strength is our faculty, distinguished teachers and researchers, who build breadth and depth in fundamental science and methodological research.

One of the most striking aspects about Cornell to researchers who have been at other prominent universities is the extent of inter-departmental relations. The ties between our school and the departments of computer science and mathematics are particularly strong, Apply Nowas are our links with the Centers for Statistics and Applied Mathematics and with the Johnson School of Management. Our students often take courses offered by other units, in engineering and across the university. In particular, our Ph.D. students benefit from the strengths in the Operations Management and Finance groups in the Johnson School, in the practice and theory of computational mathematics, and in the study of probability and statistics throughout Cornell. Furthermore, one of the unique aspects of Cornell is the “field system”. The faculty in the “Field of Operations Research” represent a broad range of areas, and have faculty appointments within departments spanning several colleges within Cornell.

Program Description:

Ph.D. students participate in a rigorous intellectual program demanding independent investigation and achievement and characterized by original scholarly work of the highest caliber. The emphasis in the Ph.D. program is on operations research as a mathematical science. This provides our doctoral students with a strong analytical foundation for advanced research in the theory and methodology of Operations Research and in the development of new approaches to applications.

Prospective Ph.D. students should have a strong background in engineering, mathematics, computer science, mathematical economics, or one of the physical sciences. An undergraduate calculus-based probability course is required and students should have some background in computing.

Ph.D. candidates pursue focused and specialized interests in one of three areas of concentration:

  • Applied Probability and Statistics
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Mathematical Programming

The School’s current Doctoral Program includes approximately 40 students from many different countries and different undergraduate programs. Our community also includes frequent research and teaching visitors adding a rich perspective to the School.


Working with Advisors at Cornell Tech

Operations Research field-faculty on the Ithaca Campus, as well as at Cornell Tech, advise Ph.D. students. All Ph.D. students complete their foundational course work in Ithaca during the first one or two years. Ph.D. students that would like to work with advisors located in Cornell Tech move to New York City after finishing their foundational course work. There is no separate application process for the students that would like to work with advisors in Cornell Tech.  The same course requirements apply to all students. Specific information about pursuing an ORIE Ph.D. in Cornell Tech is available through Cornell Tech’s Ph.D. programs website.

Student Spotlight

Andrew Constantino

U.S. Naval Academy graduate Andrew Constantino uses his M.Eng. in Applied OR to give him more opportunities in the U.S. Navy. read more