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The School of Operations Research and Information Engineering offers a wide range of academic programs — from traditional undergraduate degrees to master of engineering and doctoral programs of study. ORIE's undergraduate program focuses on Operations Research fundamentals. The M.Eng. degree emphasizes professional preparation. ORIE's Ph.D. program has a strong research orientation.

Our programs demand robust quantitative and analytical skills and provide opportunities at all degree levels for involvement in collaborative design projects and stimulating, creative research both within the School and across the University.

Undergraduate Study

A four-year course of study culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Engineering in Operations Research and Engineering.

Master of Engineering in Ithaca

Our Master of Engineering program is a full-time, professionally-oriented program that builds on traditional math, scientific, and engineering skills and concentrates on the application of these skills to practical problems. The M.Eng. degree requires the completion of an engineering design project in lieu of a research thesis.

For many students, the M.Eng. program can be completed in two semesters. Depending on the student’s undergraduate degree and intended M.Eng. concentration, a third semester may be required. (Notably, the Financial Engineering concentration is designed as a three-semester program.) Most program concentrations require participation in activities that take place during the winter intersession.

Most students begin the M.Eng. program in the fall semester. For a variety of reasons, including the sequencing of offered courses and the timeline for project activities, completing the M.Eng. program in the traditional fall-spring or fall-spring-fall semester sequence is strongly encouraged. Although students are occasionally admitted to the M.Eng. program in the spring semester, spring admission is typically limited to applicants who are already at Cornell and have been able to participate in project start-up activities that take place in the fall semester. Individuals not meeting these criteria are strongly advised to apply for fall admission.

ORIE MEng in Ithaca offers a Financial Engineering concentration that includes a semester in New York City. To read more about our Financial Engineering program, please click here.

Deadline for applying to the Master of Engineering degree program (M.Eng.) for fall admission is December 1 of the previous year. Before applying for spring admission, please consult the School as restrictions apply.


Master of Engineering at Cornell Tech (NYC)

Our Master of Engineering program in Cornell Tech is a one-year program taking place in New York City. This is a professionally-oriented program specifically designed to create experts that can use algorithms, computational tools and large amounts of data to provide business intelligence for the fast-faced, data-driven tech world. The program fully takes place at Cornell Tech. More detailed information about the program, application procedure and deadlines, and the link to apply to the program can be reached via the Cornell Tech Masters programs website.


Our Ph.D. program is a rigorous and academically-demanding program that involves independent investigation of open problems with the purpose of creating original scholarly work of the highest caliber. Doctoral graduates are prepared for academic teaching and research positions and placement in the private sector.

Operations Research field-faculty in Ithaca Campus, as well as in Cornell Tech New York City, advise Ph.D. students. All Ph.D. students complete their foundational course work in Ithaca during the first one or two years. Ph.D. students that would like to work with advisors located at Cornell Tech move to New York City after finishing their foundational course work. There is no separate application process for the students that would like to work with advisors in Cornell Tech.  The same course requirements apply to all students. Specific information about pursuing an ORIE Ph.D. in Cornell Tech is available through Cornell Tech’s Ph.D. programs website.

Deadline for applying to the Ph.D. program for fall admission is January 5. We do not accept applications for spring admission.