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PhD students on the job market

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A number of ORIE and CAM Ph.D. students are looking for employment opportunities.

Michael Choi picMichael Choi
Preferred Field: Academic

I am currently a research fellow at Hang Seng Management College in Hong Kong. I completed my Ph.D. in Operations Research in the summer of 2017, advised by Professor Pierre Patie. My research interest is on stochastic processes and their applications.

For more information on Michael, please visit his website at


Daniel Freund picDaniel Freund
Preferred Field: Academic

My research considers optimization problems that arise at the intersection of on-demand transportation and the sharing economy. During my Ph.D., I spent time as a Data Scientist both at Motivate, the operator of America’s largest bike-sharing systems, and at Lyft. There, I developed tools to cope with the operational challenges arising in such transportation systems; these motivated the theoretical models and novel algorithmic advances in my thesis, which in turn had impact on real-world decision-making.

For more information on Daniel, please visit his website at


Alice Paul picAlice Paul
Preferred Field: Academic

I am currently a postdoc in the Data Science Initiative at Brown University. In Spring 2017, I completed my PhD in operations research, advised by Professor David Williamson. My research focuses on the design and analysis of algorithms with applications to revenue management, vehicle routing, and machine learning.

For more information on Alice, please visit her website at