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ORIE faculty positions available

Cornell ORIE is seeking to fill faculty positions at both the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses. More

What goes on in there? A visit to Cornell’s Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility

A guided tour of Cornell's CNF, which in 2017 will celebrate 40 years of operations at the very edge of nanoscale science and technology. More

Professor Peter Jackson retirement celebration

After 37 years as a member of the ORIE and Systems Engineering faculty, Professor Peter Jackson has announced his retirement. More

Professor Les Trotter announces his retirement

After 41 years as a member of the ORIE faculty, Professor Leslie Trotter has announced his retirement. More

Welcome Andrew Gordon Wilson

The more I learned, the more it seemed like AI and machine learning were quickly moving areas of mathematical research where one could make great contributions More

Third Annual Young Researchers Workshop

ORIE is holding its third-annual Young Researchers Workshop, featuring young scholars from different institutions doing exciting work in the broad area of data-driven decision making. More

Welcome Madeleine Udell

“I look for similarities across industries so instead of addressing one problem at a time I can solve a whole category of problems.” More

Welcome Nathan Kallus

Kallus has looked at how to make personalized diabetes management recommendations using electronic medical records More

Welcome Damek Davis

“Initially, I wanted to write code so I could spam people on MySpace with my music,” says Damek a bit sheepishly More

Welcome Itai Gurvich

“The national focus on healthcare has certainly presented me with some interesting opportunities for research,” says Gurvich. More