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Alumni Night 2015

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To further strengthen ties with Wall Street, ORIE turned to Dr. Victoria Averbukh (ORIE, Ph.D. ’97), who spent 10 years on Wall Street, to run CFEM. Dr. Averbukh plans to build up the CFEM as a liaison between Wall Street and ORIE. “We are bringing Wall Street into our classroom to maintain Cornell FE’s top tier status”, Averbukh says.

For further information please contact:

Victoria Averbukh

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Devon Henry

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM)

Apply NowCornell Financial Engineering Manhattan fosters close working relationships between Cornell University's School of Operations Research and Information Engineering and the financial services industry by building on the highly successful financial engineering program on the Ithaca campus. All of CFEM initiatives, whether academic or professional, focus on giving our Master in Financial Engineering students the needed edge to start their careers in finance and opportunities to build their professional network that lasts a lifetime.

CFEM academic programs complement the theoretical education of our Master of Engineering students in Financial Engineering concentration by providing practical understanding of the financial markets through its third-semester practical curriculum and professional development programs. With the assistance of our distinguished Advisory Council we ensure that all programs offered by CFEM, whether classroom lectures or career events, are in line with our students' professional goals and current recruiting needs of the financial industry.

Hear what our students, alumni and faculty have to say about the ORIE M.Eng. program.

Our alumni and other professionals working in finance find CFEM activities rewarding as well. In addition to many opportunities to interact with our students, we offer various seminars with guest speakers from the industry and academia. Some examples are lectures held together with the Global Association of Risk Professionals, where CFEM holds an academic affiliation, and our monthly Bridge to Cornell seminars that offer talks focused on algorithmic trading and high frequency research.

Financial firms can use CFEM initiatives and academic programs to gain access to top-level academic talent and research and to stay abreast of innovative, cutting edge financial theory, modeling, analysis, and computational tools. One example of such a collaboration is a cap-stone Master in Financial Engineering Project, which provides the client organization with considerable value from having a team of highly educated graduate students (guided by a faculty advisor) analyze complex problems from a fresh point of view.


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